Welcome to Clarkehaus
Welcome to Clarkehaus 


Everyone affected by a construction project should be protected from nuisance, danger and pollution. Regardless of whether a project lasts for several months or only a few weeks, Clarkehaus is committed to keeping disruption to an absolute minimum. No two construction sites are identical, but there are two standard commitments that we make to the community:

•    Works will be carried out with the utmost care for the safety of our operatives and the general public

•    Regular inspections of the site exterior will be made to ensure it remains clean, tidy and free of obstructions

These two expectations are common to all construction sites, but this is only the starting point. Other factors, including site location and the type of works taking place, will call for additional mitigation strategies and these will vary from project to project. A site near to a busy shopping street may require a gantry to avoid disrupting shoppers and business owners, while a site in a built-up residential area may require restrictions as to when deliveries can be made. 

There is no “one size fits all” solution in construction, and we take all necessary action to avoid inconveniencing our neighbours.


Clarkehaus welcomes any and all feedback from the community. At the very minimum, we provide a community feedback box and display the name and contact number of the Site Manager on the hoarding. 


Whenever possible, we also keep up a regular dialogue with residents, businesses, schools and any other interested parties throughout the project to keep them informed about site activity. 

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